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Digital Download of Movie

Once the film has made it's way through the festival circuit, receive your very own digital download to watch the film in the comfort of your own home! Plus receive a THANK YOU shout out on instagram or facebook. 



Signed DVD Copy of the Film

Once the film has made it's way through the festivals, receive your very owned DVD copy signed by the Cast and Crew of the film, Trust. Included in this pledge is: a THANK YOU shout out & digital download of our poster.


Thank you Credit + more

With this incentive you'll receive a THANK YOU credit in our film. But that's not all! Included as well: is a Digital Download of the Poster, Digital Download of the film (once it's run through the festivals) + Thank you on Instagram or Facebook.



Special Screening

Once the film is in the can, it's time to watch it! This incentive gives you the opportunity to join us for a private Cast and Crew screening of the film! (Sorry we can't pay for your flight!) But if you are in the Los Angeles area, then we would love for you to join us. Included in this incentive is: Thank you in Film Credits, Digital Download of Poster and of course a night of fun. If you can't make it to the screening we will of course send you the DVD copy!



Special Screening & Walk on Red Carpet

Ever want to walk the red carpet? Well now's your chance. With this special incentive not only will you + A FRIEND be invited to a private screening of the film in Los Angeles, but you'll also get to walk that red carpet! Get a photo snapped like the Hollywood Star you are before entering the theater to watch our film. ALL incentives listed above are included this one for ya. Sorry no flights included.


Thanks to your charitable contributions here's what you'll get in return.

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