Inspired by a True Story


Official Selection for Screenplay Contest


Trust is inspired by true events that are all too familiar today. A moment in time set in Varese, Italy during WW2, when a young jewish girl is questioned by a Nazi Lieutenant who wiles her with chocolate and outdoor play then tries to trick her into revealing her families true identities by switching languages to expose her family is Jewish. 

A word from our Writer/Director...

I am very excited that you're here and reading this statement. This story encapsulates a moment in time during my friend's young life. I have visualized each scene and have a fantastic Emmy Award Winning Director of Photography, Travis La Bella, who shares my vision and will bring it to life. Passion is the key-word for me. And my team has passion for the story. My Producer, the talented actress and filmmaker herself, Renee Dorian, read the script and was inspired to tell this story because not only is it so relevant today, it creates hope. As women in film we have a duty to inspire young girls and boys through cinema. We believe our story will do that.

We are looking for donors who would be interested in helping to finance our film. We have connected with Pitch Her Productions which is a female owned Fiscal Sponsor Film Production Company where 5% of the financing proceeds will go back through to a 501c3. In short, that means any amount that you donate today to this production will not only support the advancement of women in film but also be a tax write off for YOU!

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Meet our Team

Diane Lansing


Renee Dorian


Michelle Jaha & Alessia Madau

Co-Production Designers

Travis LaBella 

Director of Photography 

Cassandra Coppola

Production Manager

Laura Colaneri 

Makeup Artist 

Zoë Battles

Costume Designer


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